20 5 / 2012

Made with Paper

Made with Paper

12 4 / 2012

Testing different color schemes for the tee’s for Frontend United

01 12 / 2011

"Brewww is brewing on a new brew for 2012"

brewmaster mdk & julle

30 11 / 2011


when i woke up after the last breWWW

12 11 / 2011

Sometimes it happens that a talk about “all thats wrong” fires up my mind - Tonight was one of those nights. I sat down, dropped the sleep & plotted out a very rough draft for…

06 3 / 2011

Its Drupalcon time again - this time the American Drupal conference which is in Chicago. Offcourse the mighty geek Röyale is here with a couple of awesome & sexy tees!


22 2 / 2011

Today My Fantastic daughter is 1 year old!
- im for once lost for words, this is bigger than anything else.
Its a year since she came to life here in copenhagen 13 weeks…

09 2 / 2011

I made it down to the european Drupal Developer Days in Brussels, and were lucky enough that they accepted my speak, even that Im not real a developer.
As i promised in…

18 11 / 2010

From my vaults of never released theme tools I bring you the hacked version of devel theme module. Its the stripped version of the theme Developer module, but without all the…

17 4 / 2010

as metal as it gets \m/ new geek royale logo

as metal as it gets \m/ new geek royale logo